Arts Workshops

Saturday 24 August – Sunday 25 August, 2024.

Our workshops draw from local and international arts tutors and will be held in three adjacent locations in Huskisson, Jervis Bay.

1 Day Workshop

Create Little Coiled Baskets: 1 Day Workshop

Create Little Coiled Baskets: 1 Day Workshop

Join Fiona Hammond and discover the simple yet effective craft of coiling – using craft cord, colourful yarns and a sewing needle—as you create a small coiled item, such as a small bowl, basket or flat object.

2 Day Workshops

Wearable Felt: 2 Day Workshop

Adorned: Wearable Felt 2 Day Workshop with Rae Woolnough

Make stunning neckpieces, individual brooches, unique earrings, buttons and headwear for race days/formal occasions with with Rae Woolnough.
In this workshop participants will explore a dozen different felting techniques to create various items that can be utilised to adorn the wearer. There are so many different techniques to explore for the complete novice or an experienced Felter.

Prints on Fabric and Paper: 2 Day Workshop

Prints on Fabric and Paper: 2 Day Workshop

Dye, print design – indigo, natural dyes and botanical prints on fabric and paper with Samantha Tannous.
Achieve beautiful designs from folding, clamping, binding, stitching and manipulating fabrics and paper then dipping them into a variety of dye vats – including the classic favourite, indigo.

Create Books from Fabric and Paper: 2 Day Workshop

Create Books from Fabric and Paper 2 Day Workshop

Create Books from Fabric and Paper using Mixed Media Techniques with Cathie Griffith.
Not all books are made from paper! Using a variety of mixed media techniques such as printing, stamping, folding and stitching by machine or hand, we will be making books from fabric and paper.

Gel plate mono printing: 2 Day workshop

Explore the creative aspects of Gel plate and mono printing to produce unique artworks with Barbara Dawson.
Printmaking is a magical process – you will create many wonderful images using a gel plate and inexpensive acrylic paints. Start with simple prints and progress to multi-layered artworks using easy techniques.

Knit Play – texture + tools + tension

Knit Play – texture + tools + tension: An experimental knitting 2 day workshop

Artist, maker and researcher Christine Wiltshier invites you to join her for a weekend of experimental knitting.
Using simple stitches, playful instructions and non-traditional materials and tools, Christine will share her idiosyncratic approach to hand knitting which (gently) subverts the ordered complexity of this traditional craft, turning it into a personal art making process.