Have you been making masks?

While ‘creativity’ eluded me, I broke out the sewing machine for a round of mask making

In times when I can’t seem to tap into an artistic vision, I turn to crafts to keep my hands busy and soothe my mind.
I know so many of you, like me, have been making cloth masks for family and friends lately.
It’s made me feel closer to people that I can give them something hand-made and useful.

To follow a pattern, to repeat the same steps, to produce these masks, has been a balm. That I have the skills, taught to me by the women in my family, is a blessing. Each time I sit at the sewing machine, or cut some fabrics, I am grateful for the time they invested in me.

Whether you sew or knit, cook or garden, are you passing on your skills, expertise and deep knowledge to a younger generation?
I hope so, because chances are, in a few decades’ time, they will be as grateful as I am now.