Cultural Workshop and Walking Books 2 Day Workshop


Welcome to Country, Cultural workshop and Walking Books with Gadhungal Murring and Silvana Benacchio

Saturday 19 August – Sunday 20 August
10am-4pm both days.

$5 materials fee pay directly to tutor.
Suitable for All Skill Levels, ages 18+

Immerse yourself in a First Nations cultural workshop with Gadhungal Murring on Saturday morning. Then after lunch and on Sunday, transform your experiences into Walking Books with your tutor, Silvana Benacchio.

In this jointly presented two-day workshop, you will participate in the following:

  • A cultural workshop on the grounds of the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum with renowned First Nations organisation, Gadhungal Murring, for three hours on Saturday morning
  • Led by traditional custodians of the land, seas and sky, you will learn about ancient culture and history while gathering ideas and materials to take back into the classroom.
  • On Saturday afternoon and Sunday, artist Silvana Benacchio will guide you in making your own Walking Books.
  • You will start with the found objects and sketches from your cultural workshop in some exercises to develop ideas and have a conversation about our part in nature.
  • Your own Walking Book will be a reflection of your experience and connection to Place, Senses and Spirit. Your book can be as detailed or as minimal as you choose.
  • Use folding techniques such as concertina or waterfall, or some simple binding techniques, and maybe a cover.
  • Inside your book, you can include sketches, rubbings from the environment, plant materials and found objects – the possibilities are endless.
  • You may choose to draw, paint, make marks, collage and glue, add sand or earth pigments, create pockets to hold objects, even add sticks. Anything goes.
  • Bring your choice of papers, maps, even a piece of a favourite textile, along with pencils, pens, paints, inks, charcoal,v brushes, nibs – whatever you have on hand or your favourites.
  • Your tutor will have a range of supplies to share with the group including glue, scissors, awls, string, needles and threads.

This is a two-day workshop! The class will run across both days.

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About Gadhungal Murring
(salt water people)

Dharrawal Traditional Custodians. This local Indigenous-owned business specialises in the delivery of cultural services focusing on revitalising and sharing ancient Australian culture to ensure a thriving Country and a flourishing community. They offer cultural programs and experiences, including tours and dance.

About Silvana

Silvana Benacchio is a multi disciplinary artist living in Australia. Silvana explores the hidden worlds of disconnection and connection; within the natural world and also within herself, seeing the two concepts as intertwined. Through her work, Silvana highlights the imperative need to care for both ourselves and the environment.

From childhood she felt a disconnection from society and sought solace through a spiritual connection with nature. As an adult her fascination developed into seeing the whole matrix of life and the holographic Universe; the systems; patterns and signatures between ‘nature’ and the human body and human society.

This fascination and passion reinforces and illustrates the fact that humans are part of nature not separate from nature as some may think. We are part of and contain the signatures, patterns, fractals of nature as a whole.

Her wish is that we all see the interconnectedness, interdependence and interrelationship of all of nature and lead us to better respect, care, appreciate and enjoy this one Earth, our home.

FB: Gadhungal Murring
Instagram: @Gadhungal.murring


Additional information


SATURDAY 19 August, SUNDAY 20 August

What to Bring

Student Requirements List

To Bring:

  • Sketch book for the cultural experience and for practice exercises
  • Glue Stick or glue and brush
  • Your choice of mediums eg: paint and brushes, inks, pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels
  • Old magazine or papers for collage
    Note: the art paper for your Walking Book will be supplied by the tutor


  • You must wear closed-toe shoes (no thongs or sandals)
  • Apron, protective clothes or old clothes

Materials fee $5 – payable directly to your tutor.

Your Tutor will provide:

  • 300gsm watercolour paper for your Walking Book
  • A range of different papers for collage
  • A selection of mediums such as paints and brushes, pens, pencils etc
  • Tools such as scissors, awls, needle and thread, string, glue